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(70 minute easy stroll around Legislature grounds)

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" I was the most famous man in Victoria!"

Created to Celebrate

150  years of Confereation

Photo credit: Kathy Macovichuk

Get to the know "The Enigma"

​Hear about his unusual life and times in Victoria. He was the Premier, Member of Parliament, owner of the orginal Time Colonist,  opponent  of James Douglas and The Husdon's Bay Company -  an advocate for joining Canada - largely forgotten.

Don Keith, Storyteller and Tour Guide, will lead you on a 70 minute stroll portraying the life of this unusual man.

Where to meet?

Hotel Grand Pacific Lobby area

Look for the guy in the top hat!

463 Belleville Street, Victoria

Next door to the Legislature Building

Amor de Cosmos

AKA: William Alexander Smith

August 20, 1825 - July 4, 1897

Reformer, jounalist, politician and intellect, he was also cosidered by many to be eccentric because of his fierce outburts of temper and strange phobias.

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