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We would be happy to provide you with a detailed quote for your event once you know;

how many people, departure location and times.
Things to think about…

School buses are an economical option with low seats they encourage interaction between guests, the downside, bit of bumpy ride, no washroom and NO air conditioning, in heat of summer and stuck in traffic it is a concern. (Suits...yikes!)
Great option for night return trip, saves money and party atmosphere continues.*
Prices start at $250

Highway coaches offer comfort, washroom and air-conditioning. Several sizes from
56 passengers, 47 passengers, 24 passengers (No W/R).

Prices start at $330 plus tax.
We tend to recommend employing these coaches to your event as guests are formally dressed.
Events tend to be in the summer and HOT, certainly the best option for guests comfort level.

56 Highway coaches are in high demand in the summer; we suggest you reserve these early.

 When considering a coach size please know each person must have a seat on the bus, yes children count.

No standing is permitted.

 *Zero Alcohol tolerance aboard the bus, it is against the law, good idea to share info with guests prior.
We also require for Wedding transfers someone who will be sober, take direction from the driver ensuring all guests are safe. We don’t like to be the party poopers but our number one job “keep all aboard safe.”

Tip: Long weekends, plan on departing Victoria area an hour earlier and during the Music Festival Friday long weekend leave 2 hours earlier.